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The Guild of Property Professionals introduces cutting-edge Ezine system to revolutionise Member Marketing

The Guild of Property Professionals introduces cutting-edge Ezine system to revolutionise Member Marketing

CEO Comments Iain McKenzie, CEO of The Guild of Property Professionals 24th April 2024

The Guild of Property Professionals is excited to announce the launch of its new innovative Ezine system, set to transform the way its Members market properties and engage with clients.

According to Iain McKenzie, CEO of The Guild of Property Professionals, the ground-breaking Ezine system automates the creation of content, offering Members the flexibility to customise and edit as they see fit from within The Guild’s Members’ Hub.  


“The evolution of the system now makes it easier for agents to create digital magazines that are an enticing way to present properties and articles online alongside interesting lifestyle content, increasing the interaction of their communication and marketing. The Ezine system enables Members to effortlessly tailor each campaign to their specific needs, from the magazine cover, to selecting specific offices, properties, advertisements, or articles to include,” he adds.


Key features of The Guild's Ezine system include:

Automated Content Generation – Enabled with clever artificial intelligence (AI) to allow the ‘About Us’ page per office to be populated automatically with appropriate content and imagery based on the office location, this feature eliminates the time-consuming task of creating content from scratch. 


Customisable Campaigns - The Ezine system offers complete flexibility, allowing Guild Members to make changes and tweaks to the content to suit their unique requirements. From included properties to advertisements, everything is customisable.


Effortless Edition Creation - Once configured, the system streamlines future edition creation, making it an automatic and efficient process. Members can generate beautifully crafted Ezines without the hassle of manual design and content creation.


Mobile-Friendly Design – A substantial portion of content is viewed on a mobile device. The Ezines created by the system are optimised for mobile and tablet viewing, ensuring that potential clients can access property information on the go. Additionally, two versions are available - a magazine page-turning view and a website view, catering to various preferences.


Enhanced Engagement - With eye-catching visuals and well-structured content, Guild Members can enhance client engagement and showcase properties effectively, ultimately driving success in the competitive property market.


As part of the Membership, The Guild can distribute the Ezine to the agent’s database for them. This service helps to maintain a relationship with future, current and past clients through regular communications, as well as distributing the agent’s latest property listings far and wide.


McKenzie expressed his enthusiasm for this addition to the organisation's offerings, stating, "We are dedicated to providing our Members with the latest tools and technologies to excel in their estate agency endeavours. Our new Ezine system not only simplifies marketing but also elevates the way our Guild agents present their listings to potential buyers."


The Guild's Ezine system is poised to empower property professionals with a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for marketing properties, resulting in more successful transactions and satisfied clients.


For more information on The Guild of Property Professionals and its new Ezine system, watch this video


Iain McKenzie, CEO of The Guild of Property Professionals

Iain McKenzie is the CEO of The Guild of Property Professionals and is responsible for the direction and management of the brand plus offering support to the network of over 800 Guild Members. Iain is a highly established estate agent and business leader, with over 30 years of industry experience and a strong entrepreneurial background. He has led and managed teams to success, as a business owner, Franchise Director and MD for a large corporation. Iain has 30 years’ agency experience starting within the industry at 17 on a youth training scheme in Devon. He quickly progressed through the ranks, and at 26 he became a Regional Manager. Three years later, he set up an independent estate agency, called Complete Property Services, and became a Member of The Guild of Property Professionals. This was his first encounter with The Guild and was extremely impressed with the services that were offered. In 2011, he joined a large corporate as Managing Director, which grew year-on-year

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