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Platinum Properties champions the importance of nurturing young talent

Platinum Properties champions the importance of nurturing young talent

Industry Comment Default Author 24th January 2024

Maria Morgan-Geen, Managing Director of Platinum Properties and The Guild of Property Professionals’ exclusively chosen Guild Member for Ely, Cambridgeshire, has emerged as a prominent advocate for nurturing young talent within the UK lettings sector. With a career that spans back to 2002, Morgan-Geen has not only shaped her personal success but is dedicated to developing the next generation of property professionals.


Reflecting on her journey, Morgan-Geen says, "I started in lettings as a Lettings Negotiator back in 2002, working for a successful independent agency in Cambridge. My career with the company spanned 11 years, and I worked my way through the company to become its youngest Director. Unfortunately, the company was sold to a corporate entity in 2013. I prefer to have more autonomy and control than I would have in a corporate environment, so this led to me leaving and setting up Platinum Properties in August 2013."


Understanding the transformative power of apprenticeship programmes, Morgan-Geen emphasises their significance in personal and professional growth. Having advanced her own career through an apprenticeship, she recognises the value of gaining real-time experience while earning qualifications. "I am a huge believer in apprenticeship programmes as I think it’s a great opportunity for young people to gain valuable experience. It allows them to develop and demonstrate their practical skills and showcase their abilities alongside gaining valuable qualifications without accruing debt that will follow them into later life," she adds.


Platinum Properties actively integrates apprentices into its workforce, benefitting from their unique perspectives and technological prowess. Morgan-Geen notes, "Apprentices provide the unique perspective of each of their own generations which we can learn from when developing the business. The workforce here is integral to delivering the service. My job is to give them the skills and knowledge through training, as well as the tools they need to support this through the technology we utilise, along with my setting up of the processes and procedures."


The commitment to nurturing young talent extends beyond Platinum Properties' internal structure. Morgan-Geen shares her experiences working with young people through programmes such as the Future First initiative, aiming to inspire and guide them toward fulfilling their potential. "No young person should ever feel they can't do something. They just need to be supported in finding ways to utilise their unique set of skills and abilities," she comments, reflecting on a meaningful encounter during a Future First program session.


Having mentored four apprentices over the years, Morgan-Geen shares success stories, highlighting the growth and achievements of individuals who have become integral to the Platinum Properties team. "I have had four apprentices over the years. Alycia, my first, was with me for eight years and one of the only people to ever have known the business almost as well as I did in terms of its processes and procedures. It was a true pleasure to see her grow and flourish in the business over that time and we built a strong working relationship, working through both challenging times and good."


Morgan-Geen acknowledges the vital role played by The Guild of Property Professionals in supporting the growth and knowledge base of the Platinum Properties team. "The Guild Associate Programme helps with the knowledge base and training of the staff. Compliance Officer, Paul Offley also ensures the team obtains regular updates on legislative changes and business practices to ensure compliance and develop their knowledge and understanding further."


Having won numerous awards, including Best in Country at The ESTAS in 2022, Morgan-Geen attributes her success to her team's clear understanding of Platinum Properties’ core values. "We have strong processes and procedures and great communication principles. Here at Platinum, as a small independent agency, we can constantly review our processes and procedures and the technology we utilise to support the business to adapt with the market, legislative changes and new and unique situations as they arise."


Morgan-Geen's dedication to young talent and community engagement exemplifies Platinum Properties' commitment to excellence, innovation, and fostering a positive impact on the UK lettings sector. The Guild of Property Professionals supports their mission to embrace training and offer opportunities whole-heartedly.


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