Willmotts Referral

The power of The Guild network was in full display for Willmotts, when they were referred a property to sell by fellow Guild Member, James Estate Agents.

It ended in a fantastic result not just for Willmotts, but also James Estate Agents who earned £2,823.00 for simply qualifying an applicant.‚Äč

The sale itself would not have been possible without the collaboration of these two Members. Thanks to The Guild Referral System, both agents were able to bag themselves substantial fees.

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How do Guild Referrals work?

With our Automated Referral System, out-of-area leads are automatically passed to fellow Members, in the correct area for your applicant.

They deal with the market appraisal, and if they win the listing, complete the sale of the property. You simply receive a fee for your referral at the end.

How does this benefit you?

  • Your service becomes unrivalled - who else in your area can connect an out-of-area sale to 800 other property professionals at the click of a button?
  • An additional revenue stream - with our system being automated, this becomes a new way for your business to generate more revenue with fellow Members.
  • Earn an average of £774 with each referral - as the above example was a particularly valuable property, the fee was much higher than the average. But what's not to like about receiving £774 for simply qualifying an applicant and filling in a form?


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