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Virtual Valuations

Our online pop-up valuation booking tool gets all the vendor details you need for a safe, remote valuation


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In a nutshell

iValuate combines an online appointment booking tool with the facility to upload property details, photos and video. It sits on your website as a pop-up, and takes your customers through the upload and booking one step at a time.

Converting leads to market appraisals

Unlike lead-focused online valuation tools that auto-generate a snappy Land-Registry-based valuation, iValuate has a virtual step-by-step environment, ensuring you have all the data you need, and then secures the appointment booking.

Capturing the right data

iValuate asks for detailed information from your vendors including the selling points, how much outside space is with the property, condition of the home and recent improvements. Plus, they upload as many photos or videos as they like. So you have everything you need to prepare and present an accurate valuation of the property, safely and remotely.

Future-proofing your business

Not only is this perfect for our current situation: people will continue to seek convenience in their daily life when lockdown ceases altogether. Be ready for the remote-interaction trends of the future, and start integrating virtual valuations as a starting point to your sales process with the vendor today.

Powerful promotion

We will give you:

  • a dedicated link – perfect for social media promotion
  • pre-prepared marketing materials
  • a video guide for your customers
  • example newsletters and email campaigns
  • adverts for your Guild printed and digital magazines





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