The Home Stretch Podcast

The Home Stretch: the property podcast with Iain McKenzie

Back in June 2022, The Guild of Property Professionals launched its new podcast series. Hosted by Iain McKenzie, with co-host Holly Hibbett from the Network’s PR and Social Media team, the podcast features conversations with industry experts talking about the topics that matter in the UK property industry.

We have been lucky enough to be joined by a variety of guests and subject matters, from discussing the topic of achieving maximum fees with Peter Rollings, to understanding how Ben Beadle is working hard to give landlords a voice in parliament, to Dr Savvas Savouri giving his frank and open opinion, based on data, on the state of the property market, and Anthony Codling returning time after time to present his digestible insight on the UK economy. Property’s pinkest man, Simon Whale, showed us how bringing gamification into agency can incentivise staff while Sarah Edmundson introduced us to the vital work that Agents Together are doing for the industry and Tony Morris taught us some positive sales habits to implement to daily meetings.

We have racked up thousands of listens across SpotifyGoogleAmazon Music and Apple Podcasts so far and we cannot wait to bring more engaging and educational guests direct to your earphones! You can listen here, and if you enjoyed any of our episodes why not leave us a review on your preferred platform?

Thanks for tuning in!




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