Choose The Guild

Choose The Guild

After a hugely successful Guild Autumn Tour, where CEO Iain McKenzie and Managing Director Kris McLean held insightful meetings with Members up and down the country, we caught up with a few #ProudGuildMembers, to hear why they love being a part of our award-winning network and attending our face-to-face events.

The benefits of these events cannot be overstated. They enable us to share new products and tools, keep our Members informed of any legislative changes and give attendees a chance to network with each other.

But this isn't all we do... Beat the January rush and book a quick demo to learn more about everything we provide our Members to help them stand out from the competition.




I can only recommend it to you; it's a great place to be, a great network to be a part of, and you've got some really good agents, really nice characters, and everybody is always pleased to help you - so I hope you'll join us!

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