Magazines EAT

The Guild is so much more than just a magazine, but what a magazine it is! After 27 years of The Guild, Life is still one of our hero products.


The Life magazines set our Members apart from their competition; it could be branded to your business and packed with high-quality content, including holiday destinations, restaurants and interior trends, which could all sit alongside your properties.

Find out why everyone loves Life, click on an example pagetuner below to see an edition for yourself. 


Each year, we produce six editions of Life magazine for each Guild Member. Fifty copies of each edition of this A4 full-colour magazine are delivered to your office for free. What's more, Members can bespoke the back and inside back cover, as well as sell advertising space - like Katy did. 

Win instructions with Life

The power of print – whether you choose to hand-deliver your magazine, leave it behind on appointments or post it with a personalised letter, these magazines convey a high-quality professional service which can help you win an instruction.

Share it digitally – in addition to printed copies, Guild Members receive a digital edition of their magazine, which is perfect for sharing online. From social media to emailing it to your database, these magazines are a rich source of content which can be shared multiple times.

Earn money from your magazine

Your Life magazine is more than an instruction winner – it can also create a new revenue stream for estate and letting agents. Members can either swap property pages for adverts or purchase additional pages for ad space. Working with local businesses builds community connections and, as each company will be keen to share your magazine with their clients too, this can be a great way to increase the reach of your properties and build brand awareness.

How one of our new Members is using their magazine:

We decided to use two pages out of our magazine to sell advertising space to local businesses. We decided to get 8 local businesses, one in each company sector to advertise in Life Magazine and also the eZine, so we put together a marketing and advertising package for them in the hope that it would cover some of the Guild membership costs for us. We put the magazine in some local places such as cafes, gyms etc. which is obviously helpful for the companies advertising, we also take them out on valuation appointments and we hope to target some properties with other agents by posting the magazine through their door, so obviously we’ve found it very helpful so far and hope to continue to use it in different ways.