Local SEO

Level-up your Local SEO


So you're looking to move your business up from the organic Google search and onto the Google Map list? Here's just a taste of how we can help you get on top, and most importantly, stay on top, boosting the amount of calls you can receive from 60-120%.




Why do you need to make the list?

Being first on the list in the organic search isn't enough. If you're not on the Google Map list, those who are, are getting your calls, because most customers don't want to go to a website. They simply click the call button.



Consistency is key

One way to make the map list: NAP consistency. That's Name, Address and Phone number. We'll help you keep those details in exactly the same order, everywhere they're shown, to ensure Google recognises it.



Improve your ranking

Another way we'll help you make the all-important Google Map list, is regular posting on your Google Business Profile. By adding regular posts, events or offers as well as sharing pictures of your business, you'll make the list.


Looking to level-up more than just your Local SEO?

SEO assistance isn't all The Guild has to offer.

Pitched at three levels, The Guild membership options enable Members to find exactly the right level of tools, services and support for their business. This allows them to maximise their membership and realise their potential revenue and market share.

Our options can help you make more money, save more money (and time) and remain fully compliant. Whatever your business needs, we can assist.