Our Guild Premium Plan provides you with the blueprint required to be a market-leading estate agent. Whether it's lead-generation, automatic digital marketing or local SEO work, the technology we offer can help you generate thousands of leads and massively increase your revenue.

Click the video to hear from James Du Pavey, a Member of The Guild for over 10 years, as he tells us the value he has gained from his Premium membership plan. Remember, exclusive membership to The Guild is limited to one Member per area, so don't wait, check if your area is free and gain not only this wealth of technology, but the power of an 800-strong network to support you.


Tech to help your business

  • Lead Generation Suite - gain our instant online valuation, booking and lead responder tools, all wrapped up in a sleek lead management dashboard.
  • Email marketing solution - Pick from our content library of campaigns, trigger customer journey marketing at key milestones, and match buyers with new properties.
  • Your content managed - consistent and engaging digital marketing is time-consuming, yet essential. We can manage your communications for you, targeting your database and social media audience. This includes three emails, one newsletter and 30 social media posts across three platforms, every month.
  • Local SEO - Make your office more visible online. Customers looking for local agents will find you quickly and simply with a good local SEO strategy in place, helping to drive high-quality traffic and leads to your website.
  • Competitor Analysis Tool - with our property data platform, you can understand your competitors performance (such as price reductions, fall throughs etc.) as well as benchmarking your own business to monitor performance. This data can provide insight and knowledge on valuations.
  • Video tools -  Animate your properties with our automated videoettes and present a polished agency with fully branded videos.
  • Save time with automated print - with our Automated Prospecting, Auto Direct Mail service, and Fee Street, we can send targeted marketing to potential clients for you, once your chosen trigger points are met.

In addition to this, we provide you with a unique point of differentiation, as our exclusively chosen Member for your area.

Take a look at our three membership plans here


Interested to find out how much you would save?

Try our product calculator and see for yourself not only how much you'd save 

on a Premium Plan, but how many products, tools and services you'd gain.

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