Hodders Testimonial

For Tracey Baldwin, Marketing & Operations Director at Hodders, their exclusive Guild membership enables them to "maximise" all their opportunities.

By choosing a Guild membership option, you too can work closely with us to make money, save money, remain fully compliant and maximise your opportunities.

Click the video to hear why Hodders have been Members for over 10 years, and look forward to lots of new, exciting chapters with us going forward.


In the video, Tracey touches upon a select few of the products and services that Guild membership offers your business to maximise their opportunities - let's take a closer look at some of her favourites. 


  • Life Magazine - a versatile print and digital magazine. It's a powerful instruction winning tool that can generate additional revenue for your business when you invite partners to advertise within.
  • Email marketing solution - Create stunning, engaging marketing campaigns that you can easily track, analyse and follow-up on to ensure the correct message is going to the correct person.
  • Exclusivity - As our exclusively chosen Member for your area, gain a unique differential as well as that best-in-class status to stand out.


Want to find out more? Take a look at our three membership options here and find out how you can begin maximising YOUR opportunities. 


Wondering how much you would save with a Guild membership?

Try our product calculator and see for yourself not only how much you'd save 

with a Guild membership, but how many products, tools and services you'd gain.

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