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Want to know how your competitors are performing? Insight can provide stats on everything from percentage of price reduction to fall-throughs in your area

Guild Insight is included as part of your membership and gives you access to on-market data from the past two years. Analyse your market, reveal competitors' key stats, and use the data to your advantage on appointments. 

Conversion data available includes:

- Listing rates

- Sales to listing conversion rates

- Fall-through rates

- Withdrawal rates

- Price reduction percentages

Competitor analysis 

From instruction to sale, you can benchmark your business against your local competition. It allows you to profile other agents in your town, gaining an insight into whether they are likely to pitch a short listing-to-sale timeframe, or a low withdrawal rate, for example.

Use the data on appointments

Data is a fantastic way to legitimately differentiate your service and help you to communicate the value your business brings to a property sale or let. 

When booking appointments with landlords or vendors, be sure to ask who else they have contacted so that you can research those local agents and prepare a summary of how you compare. 

Whether you want to highlight your average price percentage increase from valuation to sale (i.e. how much more money you've made your customers) or focus on how you compare on price reductions, data is a powerful tool.

We train our Members how to use it

This data, powered by TwentyCi, is a fantastic tool and we want to help our Members use it to their advantage; whether that be to win business, help them build market share or justify their fees. We host regular Zoom training sessions, ensuring this lead-generation tool gives our Members the competitive edge they're looking for.