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The Guild's exclusive membership is designed to help you make money, save money and remain compliant; watch the video and discover why James thinks our new membership plans offer excellent value for money and why The Guild is a core part of his business. 

Want to increase your leads and your revenue? With just one exclusive Member per area, don't wait, check if your area is available and you can join the UK's award-winning estate agency network today. 


We have the means to help you make money, save money and remain fully compliant across our extensive toolbox, including products for - 

  • Marketing and brand awareness
  • Trust and confidence
  • IT and online services
  • Additional revenue streams

In addition, we provide you with a unique point of differentiation, as our exclusively chosen Member for your area.

Take a look at our three membership plans here

The Guild logo on your office window signifies your best-in-class status as the local independent estate agent.


Interested to find out how much you would save?

Try our product calculator and see for yourself not only how much you'd save 

on a Premium Plan, but how many products, tools and services you'd gain.

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