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Fee Street

A platform dedicated to helping agents understand their local market and win business more effectively


Your market place


The highest-earning localities


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In a nutshell

Fee Street analyses Land Registry data so that you can identify the streets and locations with the highest propensity to move and target them with an automated, data-driven marketing campaign.

How does it work?

Fee Street analyse years of property data to provide an accurate overview of your local market. We gather the number of sales and the average sale price to determine the overall market value.

It identifies where the most frequent property sales are and at the highest fee potential. This allows you to calculate which streets and postcodes in your area are worth the most income to your business.

You can then send an automated print campaign to these properties at a frequency of your choice (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or yearly) tracked via your personal dashboard.

A refined lead generation strategy

  • All the hard work is done for you. Fee Street does the research and displays it in a visual, dynamic dashboard, so you can easily assess your marketplace.
  • Identify the localities with the highest chance of moving, which could also produce the highest return on investment.
  • Sending targeted, tailored marketing means you can send less for more effective results.
  • As well as a tool for automated marketing, you can build a single-page business plan from the data available


Here's how Fee Street has helped one Guild Member in particular...

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