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Online Valuation Tool

Land Registry-powered lead-generation tool with instant online valuations available across all your digital platforms

Hot leads

By entering their name, address and contact details your customers will be presented with an instant online estimate of the valuation of their property.

As soon as you receive your lead, it's time to make contact and offer a more detailed market appraisal in person or virtually. Getting your foot through the door before they contact a competing agent couldn't be easier.

Make every visit count 

Have your audience engage with you through our market intelligence platform and make the most of every customer who vists your website or other online platform.

Increase your instructions

Want to increase your valuation enquiries? Turning visits into valuation leads couldn't be simpler!

Competitive edge 

eValuate makes the most of every visits to your website and other online platforms, giving you the edge over your competitors.



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