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Put the Health & Safety of your customers and your team first, so you can protect your business

What would you do if a member of your team was part of the test and trace programme?

Paul Offley, Compliance Officer for The GuildWhat steps are you taking to protect your customers and your team?

Could a safety-first approach to business win new instructions?

The Guild's dedicated Compliance Officer, Paul Offley, is working hard to help our Members stay on top of the latest changes and share best practice when it comes to putting safety first.

"Estate agents have a responsibility to both employees and the public in the current environment. This guide sets out a foundation for agents to use in conjunction with virtual tools and services to ensure social distancing measures continue to be upheld across the industry."



How are you reassuring your customers?

What steps are you taking to protect your customers and your team?

Sentiment is a key driver in the property market and anecdotal evidence, combined with the improving property market statistics, suggest that customers are eager, but they want to know they are being cared for.

In fact, we've heard people are agreeing to higher fees because they're putting health before wealth and choosing an agent that can show they are working to safeguard everyone involved in the home moving process.

Guild Members have the tools they need to protect their businesses while following the Governments guidelines to work virtually where possible, including a detailed Covid-Secure guide. 

The Guild's latest guide for agents follows the Government's most recent advice and remains relevant throughout England's lockown, offering guidance on every element of estate agency, from valuations to viewings.

If you would like to know more about our guides, or the other ways The Guild are supporting their Members, complete this form and we will be in touch to discuss membership opportunities with you.

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