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Automated Prospecting

Target vendors and landlords listed with competitors at key trigger points

Know your competitors' properties better than they do 

Our Automated Prospecting starts by identifying the full addresses of your competitor's properties. It then monitors these properties in real time and identifies points at which those vendors are most likely to be unhappy with their current agent.

The system then generates intelligent and targeted letters, each related to the vendor's individual situation and frustrations, all at the click of a button. 


Prospecting, merge and follow-up 

Prospecting and canvassing tools help you maximise every opportunity. Automated prospecting enables you to list and seel more properties, faster.  We have developed a powerful prospecting functionality to help agencies of all sizes seek out and maximise every opportunity with minimal effort. 

Easy to use

Quick and easy to use – takes just 5 minutes of your time each week. Simple and effective.

More vendors and landlords

Prospect properties that are advertised for sale or let in your area are added immediately to encourage the vendor/landlord to change to your agency.

Personalised branded letters

Well-written, legally-compliant prospecting letters personalised with your letterhead, name and signature.

Supercharge your marketing

A truly unique automated prospecting service for estate and letting agents throughout the UK and Northern Ireland.

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