Guild business owners only highlights

Guild Business Owners Only Highlights

Virtual power session for industry owners



Thank you for your interest in watching highlights from our remarkable power session which provided hard-hitting insight on:

Pandemic Predictions

The UK Economy

Housing market analysis

and more!

Jonathan Polonsky


Jonathan Polonsky is an infectious disease epidemiologist with over 15 years’ experience responding to a variety of outbreaks in a number of countries, primarily in humanitarian settings. He was trained at Oxford University and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and has worked for a number of international organisations, including Doctors Without Borders. He is currently finalising his PhD in Global Health at the University of Geneva. He spoke in a personal capacity, sharing his reflections on his experiences of the past few months.

Olver Kamm


Oliver Kamm is a leader writer and columnist for The Times. He writes a weekly column on the economy. Oliver is an excellent keynote speaker on the UK and global economy, and connected subjects such as the financial crisis. He has a broad range of expertise in foreign affairs, UK and international politics, and cultural issues, In his previous career he spent more than 20 years in the City, at the Bank of England, HSBC and Commerzbank Securities.

Gráinne Gilmore


Gráinne Gilmore is Head of Research at Zoopla. Working with the research and insight team, Gráinne uses the unrivaled breadth of data at Zoopla to produce market-leading insights and projections on the UK housing market. Prior to joining Zoopla, Gráinne was Head of UK Residential Research at Knight Frank, where she coordinated research on all aspects of the residential market, including the prime and mainstream sales and rental markets, new homes, build-to-rent, and senior living. Before this, Gráinne was an award-winning financial and economics journalist at The Times for 11 years.


Jon Cooke and Iain McKenzie's power session 




Pipelines will look healthy, work at converting them into cash which should be held onto to help with quarter one of 2021.

With the furlough scheme coming to an end, rent may become difficult to collect. We recommend providing rent guarantee to your landlords as soon as possible. Ensure you're educating your landlords on the service, enabling them to opt-in.

Promote your COVID-Secure guides, safety is paramount nowadays.

Increase your fee, consumers will be ready to pay the right fee for their safety.



2021 may see a 15% decrease in transactions. Ensure this is forecast in your budget by taking 15% off your 2019 transaction numbers.

Increase your fee to mitigate the decrease in transactions with immediate effect, to benefit your income in 2021.



There is light at the end of the tunnel and the long-term outlook looks promising.

2021 will be challenging but could be an opportunity to increase your market share.

Consider the self-employed model to increase your business footprint.