Everything and anything you need to know about any property in the UK


Million UK addresses


Months' historical sale price data


Data from different sources

In a nutshell 

This property intelligence platform provides information on all 28.5 million homes in the country providing the future of the industry. 

A network that connects you, the agent, with every home and client in the country; and every home in the country to the right agent.


Valuable conversations 

Conversations start back in your office as you review details on their property and the conversations you've had with them in the past. Attention to these details will help you carefully prepare for the call, and help you identify talking points that will help your client understand their needs. It's always important to make sure you've done your homework so you can ask more questions and show your clients you care.

Agent-first platform 

With agents in mind, customers can interact wih your agency and instructions, as well as placing your agency in front of them for every other property they search for in your market. Everything will lead back to your website and phone numbers and links will be yours.


Property Insights 

In seconds, for every house in the street, Homesearch will provide you with: 

- Value of a property
- Who owns a property
- Length of ownership
- Last sold price
- Planning permissions
- Average cost per square foot
- EPC certificates
- Household demographics ​

Powerful Platform

Reporting, prospecting and analytical technology in one place. 

- Latest information on every address in the country — on and off the market
- Tools to find new instructions and new markets
- Bespoke details reports giving your clients the confidence that you are the market expert
- Prospecting data, letters and a system to see properties currently on the market
- Market information and analytics to keep you and your clients informed